Hassop Hall

The Hall bought from the Leslies in 1919 by Colonel H. K. STEPHENSON (later Sir Henry Stephenson Bt) eventually became the home of his son Sir Francis Bt and it was purchased by the present owners, the Chapman family, in 1975.

Hassop Hall is linked to only five families since the inventory of Domesday Book, there are remarkably intact records with specific dating of days and years.

Time has set Hassop as a tranquil backdrop to ages when a woman was worthless except as her Lord's chattel, when it needed great courage to hold fast to a faith, and when Civil War blighted this lovely countryside. With the opening of a contemporary chapter there is, not surprisingly, a determination to conserve and care for this outstanding heritage. Endlessly interesting; bound up with history; a place with many tales to tell; still a home - Hassop Hall is somewhere to find a welcome.